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Welcome on the Internet site of Polycentric World Social Forum

The forum of Bamako, a global event!

The forum of Bamako is one among the three polycentric events planned for January 2006; the two other events should take place simultaneously from January 24th to 29th respectively in Caracas (Venezuela) and Karachi (Pakistan).

As a global event, the forum of Bamako participates to the whole dynamic of the World Social Forum which is a frame of concertation and dialogue, of information and experiences exchange, of fights and popular resistances; But the forum of Bamako is also a space to make credible and good alternatives,for more consideration to initiatives toward building “Another Possible World”.

The forum of Bamako, a significant political event!

The forum of Bamako is of paramount importance to People in Africa who are victimized of the neo liberal system which is itself synonymous to violence, suffering,and poverty and exclusion to over one third of the global population. This meeting will thus offer to progressive forces in Africa a very first opportunity, following to the huge range of popular resistances during the nineties, to significantly set their fights and their alternatives in a global seeking of the construction of a fair world with more solidarity and respectful of People’s sovereignty.

The forum of Bamako, an enrooted cultural event!

The forum of Bamako takes roots both in the rich Malian and African cultural soil which makes Mali’s cultural patrimony. This meeting will thus offer the opportunity to visitors to find out Mali’s past and present symbolic places such as:

  • Djénné, the fascinating city
  • The mystic dogon country
  • Tombouctou, the mysterious

The forum of Bamako, a popular event

Announcement to press and media

Press and media are informed that they should fill in the accreditation form available on the site, to ensure their participation to the Polycentric World Social Forum of Bamako 2006.
>> Press accreditation request

Important announcement to all participants !

You are welcome ! Let’s make Bamako 2006 a forum rich in PROPOSALS and in building dynamic networks to implement these proposals...
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Youth international Camp "Thomas Sankara"

For its series of poupular conferences, the Bamako WSF Youth Commission will meet you on January 5th the acropole of University FAST at 15 o’clock.
>> Further information on the Youth Camp

Preparatory meeting of Caracas (Venezuela) Polycentric World Social Forum

This international meeting took place from December 10th to 11th 2005.It gathered the PWSF 2006 three countries’ Organizing Committees members and those of the International Committee Commissions members. The Malian organizing committee was represented by Mr Mamadou Goita.

Descriptive note of the Polycentric World Social Forum of Bamako.

This note specifically shows the importance of the Polycentric World Social Forum of Bamako; Also it describes in details the ten considered thematics.
>> Refer to the note

293 Malian Organizations particpate to the preparatory activities of PWSF Bamko 2006

293 Malian organizations are today involved in the preparatory process of the Polycentric World Social Forum of Bamako 2006.
>> List of organization members


World Social Forum 2006 Polycentric Bamako

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